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Bevel Table
They were keen on creating a top quality product that would be solid and long-lasting, that would combine aesthetic beauty with balanced forms. Choosing the right materials was essential: solid wood legs, sanded and smoothed to reveal the natural elegance of the wood without adding anything extra. Lightness and resistance. And then, I used a ductile and versatile system of connectors. Simplicity emerges from the most complex technical aspects.

Whether a single desk or an executive or meeting table, Bevel adjusts to all office requirements by merging into the setting. Its clean and linear profile successfully characterises the space, while maintaining a harmonious balance of forms.

A simple, minimalist structure in the purest ICF style in which each element is studied to convey balance and lightness. Connection elements have been studied to remain invisible as the result of expert joints studied to minimise the impact of additional components. The strategic use of extruded aluminium allows for the insertion of cable sleeves and other technical features into the frame itself, further enhancing the extremely clean forms.
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