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NoTable Folding
In an increasingly dynamic and flexible work environment, even the office space constantly requires innovative and high-performance solutions. Notable Folding was created for this purpose: a collection of state-of-the-art folding tables, with an attractive design and extreme versatility.

Notable Folding offers multiple solutions dedicated to meeting areas - whether they are conference rooms, training areas, multifunction meeting areas, and even lobbies or cafeterias - multiplying the available space in a quick and easy manner.

The collection includes tables of various dimensions, which can be easily reconfigured in a few instants, from traditional work stations to more or less divided meeting rooms in a variety of sizes. In Notable Folding, careful design research has sought to combine practicality and aesthetics, reinterpreting, in a modern form, a product that, until now, has been considered simply functional, without particular attractions in terms of appearance.
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