Our work philosophy revolves around people and their daily commitments: artisan craftsmanship and highly specialized machinery are behind the details that convey the tradition of our furniture-making processes. From the shapes of die-cast aluminum pieces to the artisan processes of upholstery everything translates into perfectly beautiful objects with clear identities.

About us

Innovation since the fifties

We have worked over sixty years through our products to make visible the best in terms of harmonious shapes, quality, value, functionality and efficiency. A history of design, love for research and experimentation. The collaboration with designers and architects who have made the  history of design reflects our ability to anticipate the needs and methods of work and contract environments.

Skillful and passionate craftmanship

Only expert hands know the art of transforming precious materials into unique objects studied to the last detail, produced with passion and dedication. The knowledge handed down through generations has allowed handcrafting tradition to remain alive and ready to respond to the challenges of the market. Therefore, making the most of cutting-edge industrial machines to create products fine-tuned to client requirements.

We carefully control every step of production

Our production is quite varied and supported by a complex production cycle. We are used to produce with materials that differ very much between each other: pressure die-cast and extruded aluminium, wood and laminated materials, leather, textiles and upholstery products. We have developed a vast experience in the management of the production process coordinating all the manufacturing stages and carefully controlling each step.

A production network

Our industrial reality is located in the area where many of the best Italian suppliers work and guarantee high technical and productive competence. We have privileged a network of those suppliers which are located in the vicinity of the company, both to contain emission into the atmosphere derived from the pollution of transport vehicles and to optimise manufacturing/delivery times.

About us

Style as part of our DNA

It is in the air we breathe, in the food we eat, in the clothes we wear, and in the places where we live. Style is everywhere in Italy. We were born in a unique cultural environment, and this is why design comes naturally to us. It is an intrinsic part of our DNA, something natural that belongs to our daily life. Design has always been a historical tradition, especially among craftsmen who posses extraordinary mastery in the creation and production of artefacts.