Keyword: flexibility

PFlex is a system of tables designed to meet the needs of modern offices. The drawn aluminium legs are available in both oval and rectangular versions to create an interplay of lines and light. Its modularity allows for configurations with customisable depth, width and finish, adapting perfectly to any work space. Accessories and electrification solutions make PFlex the ideal choice as operational and executive desks and modular meeting tables. Sustainable materials, such as fully recyclable extruded aluminium, meet environmental requirements. With three heights and depths of up to two metres, PFlex offers sturdiness and flexibility.

A resourceful table should be specified for task work, meetings, conferences, coworking, training, and coffee drinking and dining. PFlex swiftly adapt to need with spacious surfaces, flexible configurations and a useful collection of dot-dash accessories.

A table system reduced to its essential elements, resulting in crafted yet industrial designs with a refined function and essential simplicity. Changing work patterns have highlighted how flexible the office table needs to be.

Whether it is a single, executive or meeting table, PFlex adapts to every need thanks to its compositional flexibility and, thanks to its clean, linear design, it succeeds in adding character to any room while maintaining balance and harmony of form.

Whether the top is round, barrel-shaped, trapezoidal, square or rectangular, the PFlex structure adapts to every imaginable variant. The structural components are made of extruded aluminium, a sustainable and completely recyclable material.

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