Vertical Tubulars
The tops legs are in steel 80mm diameter tubular chromed or painted with epoxy powders in black or white. The vertical tubular are available with two, three or four ways connections with various gradients and allow the connection of the aluminium stands and the longitudinal bars in metallic tubular.

Aluminium Stands
The stands, with the characteristic linear shape, are made in die cast aluminium and their finish can be polished, chromed or painted with epoxy powders in black or white. To adapt to the shape of the tops, the stands are available in two sizes and they are provided with floor support feet adjustable 20mm for the positioning of the table.

Underbench Structure
Made with the combination of underbench longitudinal and transversal profiles, in extruded aluminium, connected by linking plates that form an extremely rigid bearing frame.

Height adjustment
The lifting column ensure a wide range of options for desk and meeting tables solutions with a very low and pleasant noise level. The height adjustable system use a compact round 3-part lifting column. The construction ensures a short installation dimension combined with a long stroke length, making it an optimum choice no matter what the height of the person using the desk is. The desk height control panel is a small, compact and user-friendly device. The panel has the basic up and down function for adjusting a desk.

Table Tops
Table tops are available in different shapes. Tops are made: under-painted glass with shaped edges and rounded corners; in veneer with thin solid wood or design beveled edge; Fenix or HPL laminate.

Flip-door electrification
The flip-door cable raceway opening is placed in the center of the table top (meting table) or on one side (desk). It is formed from an aluminum frame with a central element in the same finish as the top. It can be opened both sides.