Vertical tubular elements
The table legs are made with 80 mm steel pipes, either chromed or epoxy powder coated in black or white. The vertical pipes are available with two, three and four-way connections at various angles, which make it possible to connect the aluminium bases and the cross pieces in metal piping.

Aluminium legs
The bases, with their typical linear shape, are made of die cast aluminium - chromed, polished, or epoxy powder coated in black or white. Two sizes are available, in order to adapt to the shape of the tops, and they are equipped with 20 mm adjustable feet that rest on the floor, making it possible to set the table level.

Under-top structure
Created by a combination of longitudinal and cross-piece profiles beneath the top, connected by sheet metal elements, which form an extremely rigid load-bearing frame. Epoxy powder coated finish in either black or white.
Hatch for electrical power supply: Made up of a central aluminium frame with the same finish as the table. It can be opened on either side.

Tops are available in wood veneered panels or in thin solid wood panels. Tops can be provided in lengths ranging from 140 cm to 210 cm, and widths from 80 to 100 cm.

Dual unlocking control
Releasing the top from the working position and setting it in the vertical position takes place by using a synchronised unhooking handle in painted metal pipe, diameter 10 mm. The top stops automatically in the vertical position. It is enough to press the top side to close it and return to the horizontal position. The brackets that contain the unlocking mechanism are epoxy powder coated in anthracite colour.
Tables with a collapsible top can be stacked one in front of the other for better use of space.

come standard with Ø 60 mm with brake. The wheel cover is black.

Front panel optional

Connection between tops
optional top hooking system with rotating/disappearing brackets.