All around the base

NoTable is a system that can assume a myriad of configurations. It can be an efficient and elegant single desk, or become a large table, designed to meet the need for modern areas where work groups can operate.


Balance of shape

Every detail of NoTable speaks of hidden sophistication behind apparent simplicity. Die-cast aluminium legs stem dynamically from the floor to give the table its remarkable lightness. The legs are attached to a tubular vertical frame with an adjustable inclination that showcases the discrete yet high level engineering of NoTable. The top is available in barrel, oval and rectangular shapes of different sizes and finishes for a wide selection of styles. The top edge is available with a unique inverted section (ENT edge) in a range of various finishes. The construction of the structure also allows the creation of customized tops.


The table’s focal point is its base which was conceived as the union of several main elements, but separated from each other to provide the product’s character.  The combination of the various elements has harmonious and pleasant result and is ideal for any kind of space.


Highest quality finishes

The finishes are of the highest quality standard and are available in the finest materials, such as wood or in more technical and solid materials such as aluminum, chromed or painted, HPL, MDF and different metals and plastics in a wide range of colors for a completely different effect, from elegant to sophisticated to practical and solid. It is also possible to obtain different results combining wood and aluminum or metal or mixing aluminum or metal in different color, fitting the space in the best way. Only the highest quality materials are selected, thus guaranteeing maximum solidity and durability.

Colours & finishes