P80 reinterprets the office space

P80 offers a variety of compositions that make it ideal for diverse settings. The modular frame enables the creation of versions custom-built to specific requirements, which still preserve the formal and functional quality as well as its simple and linear design.


Evolution of the office table for business today

Modular structure in extruded aluminium with polished finish. The legs are connected to the horizontal beams by a highly simple and effective mechanism. A double groove along the interior sections makes it possible to interlock the transverse profiles supporting the tops in any position and hang various accessories such as suspended drawer units, knee panels, wiring systems and computer holders.

Highest quality finishes

The finishes are of the highest quality standard and are available in the finest materials, such as wood or in more technical and solid materials such as aluminum, chromed or painted, HPL, MDF and different metals and plastics in a wide range of colors for a completely different effect, from elegant to sophisticated to practical and solid. It is also possible to obtain different results combining wood and aluminum or metal or mixing aluminum or metal in different color, fitting the space in the best way. Only the highest quality materials are selected, thus guaranteeing maximum solidity and durability.

Colours & finishes