A strong formal identity

NoTable is the perfect answer to respond to the demand of maximum flexibility, both aesthetic and functional, of the modern meeting rooms. The system has been designed to be easily adaptable thanks to the possibility of connecting the beams at different angles. In this way it is very simple to adapt the room according to the changing requirements of space, shape or office arrangements, no matter if temporary or permanent. NoTable combines technology with fine design and strength with lightness. It’s a system that offers great precision, pure shapes highlighted in elegant solutions and modern materials like Fenix, HPL laminate and aluminium. NoTable is the elegant and technically sophisticated meeting table.


NoTable combines technology with fine design, and strength with lightness

Chairs ergonomics, adjustability and personalisation have always been the common denominator of ICF collections: now also the new tables programs are adjustable and transformable to make the working environment as pleasant as possible, both from an aesthetic and a practical point of view.


The table’s focal point is its base which was conceived as the union of several main elements, but separated from each other to provide the product’s character.  The combination of the various elements has harmonious and pleasant result and is ideal for any kind of space.


Highest quality finishes

The finishes are of the highest quality standard and are available in the finest materials, such as wood or in more technical and solid materials such as aluminum, chromed or painted, HPL, MDF and different metals and plastics in a wide range of colors for a completely different effect, from elegant to sophisticated to practical and solid. It is also possible to obtain different results combining wood and aluminum or metal or mixing aluminum or metal in different color, fitting the space in the best way. Only the highest quality materials are selected, thus guaranteeing maximum solidity and durability.

Colours & finishes