About ICF

We are an office furniture company that produces valuable content, high-quality pieces with a distinctive design that is immediately recognizable. Our commitment is to create comfortable and functional products, designed to make the workplace a more practical and pleasant environment, without adding unnecessary or whimsical details.

Spaces and solutions

Our collections are found in offices of multinational corporations, banks, hotels, hospitals, airports, museums and conference hall. Regardless of whether these are executive office, open spaces or large public facilities the common language tha clearly emerges is both international and effective.

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A perfect combination of form and function

The process that leads to the creation of a chair, a table or of any other accessory includes extensive and complex research, analysis, tests, precise measurements and, finally, checks to ascertain whether the product meets expectations. The urge to achieve perfection is translated into the implementation of a form, which is a synthesis of ergonomics, functionality and aesthetics. Hence the creation of products that become genuine icons of style.


Skillful and passionate craftmanship

Whether the piece you are considering is a handcrafted or manufactured product - made from quality materials or simply functional - our products do not merely fill a need or solve a problem. They have a lot more to offer.

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Our responsible and sustainable approach

Every production cycle is studied to minimise the environmental impact and reduce consumption as far as possible. Our products are characterised by "timeless" forms that are always in vogue in their classical elegance, manufactured with premium quality raw materials to be lasting and designed to be almost entirely recyclable, consistently with a responsible and sustainable production.

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Configure your next chair

Customize your product by choosing the finishes, fabric colour, base model and type of armrests. You can try different solutions and compare the price. Always request a check from one of our experts by sending us your configuration in PDF format.


Office landscapes

Aesthetically comfortable: these two words brilliantly sum up the concept behind Valea, an office chair combining classical aesthetics with unique comfort.

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