Sustainability a key part of our responsibilities

As manufacturer we are committed to a continuous improvement to sustain environmental policy; we always focus our efforts on reducing the impact of our activities on the environment.


Quality and environmental policy

In ICF we aim for responsible and sustainable production. For this we have implemented a certified system for quality and environmental management to the standard requirements of UNI EN 9001:2015 and UNI EN 14001:2015.


We champion environmental protection

Most of upholsteries in our collections are made of a recycled material that champions environmental protection: among the fabrics available are the new fabrics from the SEALIFE collection, made of SEAQUAL® YARN, a polyester fibre made from marine waste recovered from oceans, beaches, rivers, and estuaries. SEALIFE is GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified, guaranteeing the presence of post-consumer recycled material in the fabric.


How do we think sustainable products

All our products are extremely simple, with clean and linear forms, designed for withstanding trends and time. This is why we pay great attention to environmental sustainability which is reflected in the reliability and resistance of each product, in the use of a reduced number of components and ease of disassembly.


Sustainable Product Life Cycle

Creating long-term value is the underlying aim of our production strategy. We apply the strictest controls at every stage of the production cycle, adopting international quality standards in terms of functionality, size, finish and lifespan. The resulting quality reflects the company’s extensive experience in managing the production process, from the design phase through shipping. Our post-sales service is the added value to understand, react to and solve problems rapidly at any time during the product’s lifespan.