Internationally oriented

Our collections are found in offices of multinational corporations, banks, hotels, hospitals, airports, museums and conference halls. Regardless of whether these are executive offices, open spaces or large public facilities, the common language that clearly emerges is both international and effective.

Meeting Areas

Meeting, exchanging, motivating. Meeting rooms demonstrate the identity of a company clearly and require flexibility in its design and development. At ICF, we design versatile linear systems that can solve professional and aesthetic needs. Our modular elements offer solutions that can adapt to the characteristics of each individual space for the needs of contemporary workers.

Office and Collaborative furniture

Living in the office for several hours a day, organising the spaces to experience every function. At ICF, we design linear structures and user-friendly seats with particular attention to ergonomics, adjustments and customisation. To make each environment functional and pleasant, practically and aesthetically speaking.

Public Spaces

Speed, flexibility and the ability to maximise every individual opportunity: these are the key concepts around which we designed the new furniture lines for public spaces. The result is a family of versatile products that can be easily transformed to different uses.

Training and Workshop

In a quickly changing world, keeping up with the times is everything. Staying current does not stop at latest generation technology. Professional training and updating courses are part of the picture. These activities require flexible spaces that can be organised to accommodate fast changes when situations require it. ICF has dedicated training areas and workshops to a product family with customised features.


“Made in Italy” means representing prestige without being overbearing and choosing contemporary elegance that finds its distinctive element in Italian craftsmanship. It’s an attitude, in addition to a furnishing system. A collection of elements for executive areas - which are increasingly important - that can convey an image of authoritative rigour in a glance.


What is the common element connecting a hotel hall, the waiting room of a bank or notary public, and the desk area in a hotel room? Hospitality, in the most inclusive sense of the word. Designed in different typologies for different uses and different people, who all have the same desire for well-being.